Understanding JDK and JRE in java installation

 Java Developer Kit         

JDK Java developer kit contains tools like

1.       Javac - compiler to convert source to byte code

2.       Java - Interpreter to execute the byte code and produces the output

3.       Javadoc - to generate java documentation

4.       Jar - tool to work with  jar and war files

5.       Javap - java decompile


Java Runtime Environment

JRE Java Runtime environment contains tools to execute a bytecode

1.       Java - Interpreter

You can't see any tools regarding development in JRE, ex Javac, jar, javap will be missing in JRE

JDK will comes with its one copy of private JRE to execute the byte code.


What do we need JDK or JRE?

Java can be downloaded as JDK or JRE based on your need,

1.       If you are developer you should have a JDK installed to compile your source code

2.       If you just need to run the java application that was already complied you can have JRE alone installed.

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