Struts 2 Form validation tutorial


               In this tutorial we'll explore using Struts 2 to validate the user's input on a form. There are two ways you can use Struts 2 to do form validation. This tutorial will cover the more basic method, where the validation is included in the Struts 2 Action class.

            To vaildate a form simple override a default vailidate() method from ActionSupport class


public void validate() {
        if (getUname().length() == 0) {
            addFieldError("uname", "User Name is required");
        if (getPass().length() == 0) {
            addFieldError("pass", "password is required");
        else if (!(getUname().equals("candidjava") & getPass().equals("1234"))) {
        	 this.addActionError("Invalid User Name or Password");





            Struts 2 form validation war

            Struts 2 form validation maven zip

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