Struts 1x EOF and Struts 1 vs Struts 2

Struts 1.x End of Life (EOF)

            Struts 1 started in 2000 and it had its initial release in May 2000. Also Struts 1 soon became the de-facto standard for Java-based web application development.

            In the meantime the Struts community has focused on pushing the Struts 2 framework forward, with as many as 23 releases as of April 2013

            Due to lack of volunteer support for struts 1, Community announces the users should not rely on a properly maintained framework.

            Struts 1 had its last release in December 2008 version 1.3.10.

            Taking this into account struts 1 community announces Struts 1 had reached its EOL.

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 Struts 1

                It?s just a basic MVC framework.

                It doesn?t suit for current development need like rest, Json support are missing.

                For new learners its waste of time to learn it.

Struts 2

                Improved version of Struts 1 framework.

                More simple and easy to use MVC framework.

                Struts 2 was originally known as WebWork 2

                Struts works well with conventional REST applications and with technologies like SOAP and AJAX.

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