Public JRE vs Private JRE in java setup

Public JRE vs Private JRE

                 Public JRE are installed separately and can be shared with any application running on that machine

                Private JRE comes along with application that depends on JRE to run, example if you install Oracle database or WebLogic server it comes with its own copies of JRE bundled with it, even our JDK setup will comes with its own private JRE version.


Why we need private JRE to be bundled with our application

                Assume you had developed an application that uses JRE 8 version, if someone tries to install your application on system that has public JRE 7, then your application fails to run due to incompatible or lower version interpreter.

                Also upgrading public JRE may impact existing application running on your machine.


Is it possible to set private JRE as public JRE that comes with JDK?

                Yes, it is possible to use any private JRE as Public JRE, simple set the path to JRE bin and JRE_HOME that are available inside JDK folder, but when we are uninstalling the JDK its private JRE also get removed.

                So it's better to install a fresh public JRE for common purpose.

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prayank jain
         Hi, Please tell me how to create private Jre for my application.