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            "Microservices" became the hot term in 2014, attracting lots of attention as a new way to think about structuring applications. I'd come across this style several years earlier, talking with my contacts both in ThoughtWorks and beyond. It's a style that many good people find is an effective way to work with a significant class of systems. But to gain any benefit from microservice thinking, you have to understand what it is, how to do it, and why you should usually do something else.

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            Microservice architecture, or simply microservices, is a distinctive method of developing software systems that has grown in popularity in recent years.  In fact, even though there isn?t a whole lot out there on what it is and how to do it, for many developers it has become a preferred way of creating enterprise applications.  Thanks to its scalability, this architectural method is considered particularly ideal when you have to enable support for a range of platforms and devices?spanning web, mobile, Internet of Things, and wearables?or simply when you?re not sure what kind of devices you?ll need to support in an increasingly cloudy future. 

Componentization via Services

  • Organized around Business Capabilities

  • Products not Projects

  • Smart endpoints and dumb pipes

  • Decentralized Governance

  • Decentralized Data Management

  • Infrastructure Automation

  • Design for failure

  • Evolutionary Design

Courses covered

  • Architecture

  • Implementation

  • Deployment

  • Cross cutting concerns

  • Communication style

  • External API

  • Service discovery

  • Reliability

  • Data management

  • Security

  • Testing

  • Observability

  • UI Design

More info on microservices training in chennai

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