Java Servlet tutorial with example program

Getting Started guide

What is servlet?

Difference between servlet and JSP?

Life cycle of servlet?


Hello world example using Servlet 2.5 web container

doGet vs doPost with example

Servlet Chaining pages using RequestDispatcher

Servlet Chaining  using SendRedirect


What is session? Explain its types in servlet technology?

Explain Cookie in Servlet with example?

Explain Url rewriting using Servlet and JSP with example?

Explain Hidden form using Servlet and JSP with example?

Explain HttpSession using Servlet and JSP with example?


ServletConfig and ServletContext in servlet

Coming soon

Servlet Filters, Listeners, Annotation based servlet example, Creating war file


More examples

    Simple registration example using servlet and JSP

    Simple login example using Servlet and JSP

    Login Example using Cookie

    Login Example using HttpSession

    File Download example using Servlet

    File Upload example using Servlet

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