JSP interview questions [ Part 4 ]

1. Explain JSP Action Elements or Action Tags?
2. How to use JSP EL to get HTTP method name?
3. What is JSP Standard Tag Library, provide some example usage?
4. What are the types of JSTL tags?
5. What is JSP Custom Tag and what are it?s components?
6. Give an example where you need JSP Custom Tag?
7. Why don?t we need to configure JSP standard tags in web.xml?
8. How can we handle exceptions thrown by JSP service method?
9. How do we catch exception and process it using JSTL?
10. When will Container initialize multiple JSP/Servlet Objects?
11. Can we use JavaScript with JSP Pages?
12. How can we prevent implicit session creation in JSP?
13. What is difference between JspWriter and Servlet PrintWriter?

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