JSP interview questions [ Part 3 ]

1. How can we extend JSP technology?
2. Provide some JSP Best Practices?
3. Explain include Directive and include Action of JSP
4. Between include Directive and include Action of JSP
5. Is it possible for one JSP to extend another java class if yes how?
6. What is < jsp:usebean >tag why it is used.
7. How can one Jsp Communicate with Java file.
8. In JSP page how can we handle runtime exception?
9. Why is _jspService() method starting with an '_' while other life cycle methods do not?
10. How can you pass information form one jsp to included jsp:
11. what is the need of tag library?
12. Which JSP lifecycle methods can be overridden?
13. Why use of scripting elements in JSP is discouraged?
14. How can we disable java code or scripting in JSP page?

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