Core Java topics

    Java getting started

            Installing JDK and setting class path

            Hello world example using java

    Java Basic Programming

            Data types


            Control Statements

                    if, if-else, if-else if etc...

                    switch, break





                    using break and continue with loops

    Oops Concepts

            What is class, Object, Member variable, Methods?

            Define Constructor in java

            Inheritance in Java.


                    Method Overloading

                    Constructor Overloading


            Non access Modifiers




                    Transient(will be covered in serialization)

                    Volatile(will be covered in synchronization)


            Access Modifiers

                    Public | Protected | No access | private



                    Explain Exception and its types

                    Using Finally block

                    Using throws and throw in Exception

                    Creating custom or user defined Exception


    What is thread and explain different ways to create it

    Creating thread using Thread class

    Creating thread using Runnable interface

Synchronization in java

    synchronized block and methods

    using volatile with synchronized block

File handling using java

    File creation and manipulating

    Reading a file using FileReader

    Reading a file using Bufferedreader

    Writing a file using FileWriter

    Appending content to existing file

    Copying a file content to new file

Serialization in java

    Serialization and De-serialization in java

    Using transient with serialized class

String Handling

    String literal vs String Object

    String immutable nature

    equals vs == (equal to operator) in java

    String vs StringBuffer vs StringBuilder in java  

Collection framework in java

    What is collection framework in java

    List vs Set vs Map


        ArrayList example program

        LinkedList example program

        Stack example program

        Vector example program

    ArrayList vs LinkedList

    ArrayList vs Vector


        HashSet example program

        TreeSet example program

        LinkedHashSet example program

    HashSet vs HashSet vs LinkedHashSet


        HashMap example program

        TreeMap example program

        LinkedHashMap example program

    HashMap vs HashMap vs LinkedHashMap

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sriram krishna
         hello sir, I am sriram.. actually i want to know some mathematical sequence programs .like 1/n+1 + 1/n+2.........1/n+n. This kind of programs. and also I want a solution for the mentioned logic also. please help me to learn